Minimize costly delays during construction with intelligent simulation and planning capabilities

A data-driven approach to the construction of sustainable energy projects that uses intelligent simulations to deliver accurate forecasts and optimized daily schedules for your operations. Allows you to make the best use of your people, resources and opportunities.

Key Benefits

  • Leverage data-based insights

    Lift your sustainable energy deployment capability with accurate projections and realistic timelines far beyond what a customised ERP system can do

  • Avoid costly surprises

    Line-of-sight between work groups, and across a multi-stage lifecycle, permit collaboration and enable decision-making clarity

  • Speed up routine tasks and decrease error

    Automated capabilities allow you to easily create work orders, assign personnel and manage resources – all with limited manual handling, which reduces mistakes

  • Reporting you want, without the headaches

    Timelines, KPI measurements, reports and more – on demand and in the formats you want

Key Features

Effortless access and integration

  • Connects to the Shoreline Integration Platform to manage project and site data – and make simulations even more powerful.
  • Ensure your project data is easily available and maintained through the asset’s life.
  • Avoid local information storage in spreadsheets and scattered internal databases.
  • Draw data from existing tools to increase accuracy of analysis and forecasting.

Enhance collaboration

  • Inter-organisation access allows transparency between staff in different areas – from site planners, site managers, stock keepers and technicians to management.
  • Achieve greater cooperation by removing siloed spreadsheets and decreasing independent internal databases.
  • Remove problems with information flow within your organisation.

Intelligent modeling

  • The agent-based methodology of the ShoreSim simulation engine permits individualised modeling of assets and personnel.
  • Behavior and attributes are defined object by object with unique characteristics for vessels, helicopters, personnel and more.
  • Full workflow modeling for each logistics unit including mobilisation, transit and access.
  • Integrated weather forecasts and operational limitations, such as wave height, wind speed, visibility and daylight.

Consolidate management

  • Plan and execute multiple aspects of your project in one place, with access across your organisation.
  • Reduced number of tools means fewer software licenses and greater efficiency.
  • Decreased manual effort means fewer errors.

Maximise resource utilisation

  • Straight-forward production and administration of work orders and transfer sheets.
  • Quickly see resource availability.

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