Manage the full cycle from planning work, scheduling resources, monitoring progress to reporting production

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Benefits & Features

Key Benefits

  • Leverage data-based insights

    Lift your sustainable energy deployment capability with accurate projections and realistic timelines far beyond what a customised ERP system can do

  • Avoid costly surprises

    Line-of-sight between work groups, and across a multi-stage lifecycle, permit collaboration and enable decision-making clarity

  • Speed up routine tasks and decrease error

    Automated capabilities allow you to easily create work orders, assign personnel and manage resources – all with limited manual handling, which reduces mistakes

  • Reporting you want, without the headaches

    Timelines, KPI measurements, reports and more – on demand and in the formats you want

  • Be ahead of the action

    Quickly see if there are potential issues on a daily basis and be able to adapt fast

  • Harness the power of computerisation

    No longer the realm of room-sized supercomputers, our intelligent and adaptive simulation technology is the magic ingredient that lifts deployment capability

  • Connect your data and your people

    Knock-down silos, gather information together, adapt as new information comes in and make collaboration easier

  • Free up brainpower

    Game-changing simulation and optimisation technology does what humans can do today, just much, much faster – allowing your people to do what they do best

  • Reporting what you want without headaches

    Daily progress reports and analytics – on demand and in the formats you want

Key Features

Plan teams and logistics

Schedule personnel and transport against requirements with minimal manual handling

  • Speed up routine tasks and reduce errors by creating work orders, and assigning personnel and transports with drag and drop, in one unified interface
  • Output transfer and work lists without any extra work
  • Increase the likelihood of meeting project deadlines by understanding bottlenecks and maximising resource utilisation of personnel, vessels and equipment

Manage resource availability

Quickly spot resource availability and assign personnel and vessels to work orders based on their qualifications and capabilities

  • Create personnel profiles to monitor the validity of certifications, track unavailability, and manage work schedules, rotations and more
  • Easily assign personnel to teams
  • Create transport profiles which monitor certifications, track tools and materials, detail weather limitations, location, cost, fuel consumption, activity durations and more

Report on daily activities

Create and share daily progress reports digitally with clients or management, to ensure transparency and version control

  • Data is gathered and used to generate daily customised progress reports in the click of a button
  • Sign daily progress reports digitally instead of the tedious process of sending, printing, signing, scanning, and uploading
  • Use daily reports to monitor progress and efficiencies of assets and personnel

Optimise work schedules

Tedious scheduling and re-scheduling of tasks take minutes instead of hours with our schedule optimisation engine

  • The Shoreline optimisation engine generates the most optimal plan with regards to production, utilisation, downtime and more, based on the personnel, transport and work orders you define
  • Save time scheduling manually and give professionals within your organisation more capacity to do higher value work
  • Automatically generate Gantt charts for project timelines exportable to Primavera and MS Project
  • Predict the knock-on effect of changes quickly and precisely to adapt risk forecasts, estimates, schedules and more

Monitor site progress

Quickly analyse the progress of your sites and assets in one comprehensive overview

  • Monitor the progress and status of assets and work order to quickly and easily flag issues or delays and each stage of the process
  • Track location and progress of assets, transport, personnel and bases in one view to benchmark the performance of all projects and assets on site
  • Plan, execute, and report on of your projects in one place, with access across your organisation

Marine Coordination

Intelligent framework for Marine coordination with advanced vessel management, site overview and personnel tracking

  • The user-friendly dashboard contains a comprehensive site overview fully customisable to show turbine availability, production, status etc.
  • Complete overview of all locations with tracking and setup of various transports such as CTV’s, SOV and Jack-ups, including performance and cost
  • Transfer manifests are automatically generated and can easily be distributed to all stakeholders – ready for validation
  • Fully integrated GDPR-compliant personnel management module with personal details, availability, rotations, certificates, qualifications
  • Flexible weather integration with historical and forecasted data input

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