The wind industry is changing, it's time the software changed too

Boost productivity, Reduce cost & Drive efficiency – Shoreline's suite of market-leading products integrate with your trusted systems to deliver high impact, time-sensitive projects at each stage of your wind farm process cycle.

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Increased production and availability

24 hours extra production per year for a wind farm results in several million in additional revenue

Optimise resource and work scheduling

Save as much as 10% of the OPEX with fast and intelligent resource and work scheduling

Eliminate last-minute, suboptimal changes

Stay optimised with real-time scheduling of complex field service scenarios, rapid re-planning and dispatching

Alleviate brainpower on manual processes

Shift from reactive short-term to proactive long-term planning, for safer and more reliable operations.

Speed up construction

Increasing the execution speed of construction projects can save you hundreds of thousands in costs per day.

All products are cloud native applications with enterprise grade uptime, data security, encryption and authentication

Shoreline simulates complex supply chain, field service, and equipment performance scenarios with speed and precision. This risk-free environment helps decision-makers within the energy field achieve safer, more cost-efficient operations, and increased production.