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Triton Knoll

Forecasting how the project schedules and marine logistics affect overall performance and system output and gaining an increased understanding of the system behavior over time.

Since early 2016, Triton Knoll used the Construction Design™ and O&M Design™ tools from Shoreline for modelling and simulating various installation and operation and maintenance scenarios. These have helped evaluate tender and contracting strategies, including vessel spreads, logistics, schedules, weather downtime, and cost.

Where and why

Triton Knoll Construction Lead Peder Christensen said: “Shoreline´s simulation solutions have proven to be very valuable in the development of the project. We can model and simulate many different installation scenarios quickly, and with the accuracy and detail level required. The simulation tools are user-friendly and the daily support from the Shoreline team has been excellent. We intend to use the tools for further developing our project and subsequently moving into construction.
Shoreline provides the cloud-based and integrated simulation solutions Con Design™, O&M Design™ for construction and O&M strategy development as well as ConEx™ and OMEx™ for the daily planning and scheduling optimization. Shorelines simulation solutions are being used by developers, OEMs, vessel owner, marine contractors and consultants.

Shoreline CCO Michael Bjerrum said: “Working with the highly competent Triton Knoll team has been a pleasure for us, and they have added a lot of value to the continuous development of our simulation solutions. We look forward to continuing the good cooperation into the next exciting phase.

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