Power smart decision-making by analyzing operation and maintenance in a risk-free virtual environment

Advanced simulation software that gives you unparalleled insight into costs, availability and resource utilization in the operation and maintenance phase of a sustainable energy project when developing projects

Key Benefits

  • Remove the guesswork

    Powerful modelling lets you understand the financial and operational impact of lead time, weather downtime, and resource availability.

  • See the future – and change it

    Predict the knock-on impact of changes, even relatively minor ones, quickly and precisely, then use those newfound insights to adapt risk forecasts, estimates, schedules and more

  • Planning on the double

    Build business cases, study sensitivities and crunch data in minutes rather than days and weeks to maximize your project's potential.

  • Choose the right setup the first time

    As you can model fast you have the ability to investigate more scenarios with higher precision to de-risk your project.

Key Features

Estimate cost, availability and resource utilization

  • Simulate advanced cost scenarios to assess project economics.
  • Perform financial forecasts for budgeting purposes.
  • Estimate the time-based and production-based availability of maintenance scenarios.
  • Discover bottlenecks by identifying the root cause of production losses.

Assess complex supply chain, field service and logistics scenarios

Analyze the impact of:

  • Maintenance base selection
  • Vessel and equipment selection
  • Asset reliability
  • Maintenance campaigns
  • Statutory inspections
  • Shared resources

Intelligent simulation technology

  • The simulation engine uses state of the art agent-based modeling and Shoreline’s patented schedule optimization algorithm.
  • Behavior and attributes are defined object by object with unique characteristics for vessels, helicopters, personnel and assets.
  • Full workflow modeling for each logistics unit including mobilization, transit, and access.
  • Numerous operational limitations, such as wave height, wind speed, visibility, and daylight, possible for each vessel or helicopter.

High speed - high performance

  • The powerful simulation engine decreases the time to play out different scenarios and weigh the options.
  • Minimal to no manual data-handling means lower chance of human error.
  • Reduced time and effort to perform estimation, parameter sensitivity analysis, and optimization.

Customisable input library

  • Create and maintain a comprehensive input library of vessels, helicopters, ports, maintenance and reliability data, and weather data that makes it quick and easy to build your virtual projects.
  • Avoid local data stored in spreadsheets and scattered internal databases.
  • Add your own objects with your own unique criteria directly from the user interface.

Manage and integrate project data

  • Ensure your project data is easily available and maintained through the asset’s life.
  • Draw data from existing tools to increase the accuracy of analysis and forecasting.
  • Integrate your input library, project data and results to Tableau

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