Power smart decision-making by analysing operations and maintenance in a risk-free virtual environment

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O&M Design™ gives you unparalleled insight into costs, availability and resource utilisation in the operations and maintenance phase of designing and developing a sustainable energy project

Key Benefits

  • Remove the guesswork

    Powerful modelling lets you understand the financial and operational impact of lead time, weather downtime, and resource availability.

  • See the future – and change it

    Predict the knock-on effect of changes, even relatively minor ones, quickly and precisely, then use those newfound insights to adapt risk forecasts, estimates, schedules and more.

  • Planning on the double

    Build business cases, study sensitivities and crunch data in minutes rather than days and weeks to maximise your project's potential.

  • Choose the right setup the first time

    As you can model fast you have the ability to investigate more scenarios with higher precision to de-risk your project.

Key Features

Estimate cost, availability and resource utilisation

  • Simulate advanced cost scenarios to assess project economics.
  • Perform financial forecasts for budgeting purposes.
  • Estimate the time-based and production-based availability of maintenance scenarios.
  • Discover bottlenecks by identifying the root cause of production losses.

Assess complex supply chain, field service and logistics scenarios

Analyse the impact of:

  • Maintenance base selection.
  • Vessel and equipment selection.
  • Asset reliability.
  • Maintenance campaigns.
  • Statutory inspections.
  • Shared resources.

Intelligent simulation technology

  • The simulation engine uses state of the art agent-based modelling and Shoreline’s patented schedule optimisation algorithm.
  • Behaviour and attributes are defined object by object with unique characteristics for vessels, helicopters, personnel and assets.
  • Full workflow modelling for each logistics unit such as mobilisation, transit, and access.
  • Numerous operational limitations, such as wave height, wind speed, visibility, and daylight, possible for each vessel or helicopter.

High speed - high performance

  • The powerful simulation engine decreases the time to play out different scenarios and weighs the options.
  • Minimal to no manual data-handling means lower chance of human error.
  • Reduces time and effort when performing estimation, parameter sensitivity analysis and optimisation.

Customisable input library

  • Create and maintain a comprehensive input library of vessels, helicopters, ports, maintenance and reliability data, and weather data that makes it quick and easy to build your virtual projects.
  • Avoid local data stored in spreadsheets and scattered internal databases.
  • Add your objects with your unique criteria directly from the user interface.

Manage and integrate project data

  • Ensure your project data is readily available and maintained through the asset’s life.
  • Draw data from existing tools to increase the accuracy of analysis and forecasting.
  • Integrate your input library, project data and results to the tableau.

"The Shoreline tools enable us to compute high-resolution availability assessments and support risk assessments of the operational phase of an offshore wind farm, e.g. in the supply chain such as non-availability of jack-up vessels. This has proven of very high value to us. It is important for us to highlight that the cooperation with Shoreline links to a solid set of services that we are offering our clients, from the early development phase to the actual operation of their offshore wind assets. Shoreline’s cloud-based simulation solutions secure us the latest versions and updates and make it possible for us to access it globally from anywhere we need it."

Matti Niclas Scheu
Senior Engineer, Ramboll

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