Conceptualise the complete construction phase of sustainable energy projects
– from installation to commissioning and testing

Simulate the entire process of installation, completion, commissioning and testing for sustainable energy projects, including estimating costs and the financial performance of early production. Assess weather and project schedule risks and predict where obstacles could arise.

Key Benefits

  • Better than ballpark estimates

    Get precise early production assessments to determine the value and risk of your project long before the first shovel is in the ground

  • Simpler, faster analysis to solve complex problems

    Quickly compare multiple scenarios and use the built-in ShoreSim simulation engine to find the best usage for resources and personnel

  • Connect information across the project schedule

    With project and asset data stored all in one place, there’s no need to search through scattered spreadsheets or programs – and results from one phase of the project can provide insight into future phases

Key Features

Estimate performance

  • Highly detailed simulations of maintenance and logistics operations allow the hypothetical measurement of the same KPIs used in real-life active projects.
  • Tailor commonly used measures such as availability, resource utilisation and root cause of downtime, to fit company specific standards.
  • KPIs can be measured monthly and annually.
  • SQL output database records and stores all selected KPIs from the simulation setup and connects automatically to the input data for traceability.

Early production assessments

  • Make a strong contribution to your investment business case by forecasting early production results.
  • Enable measurement and quantification of early production by simulating installations all the way through the testing phase.
  • Simulations in time domain allow production projections as the project is installed, commissioned and tested.

Detailed logistics modeling

  • The agent-based methodology of the ShoreSim simulation engine permits individualised modeling of assets and personnel.
  • Behaviour and attributes are defined object by object with unique characteristics for vessels, helicopters, personnel and more.
  • Full workflow modeling for each logistics unit including mobilisation, transit and access.
  • Numerous operational limitations, such as wave height, wind speed, visibility and daylight, possible for each vessel or helicopter.

Tailored output

  • Reports reflect your needs and the formats that best suit your business.
  • Automatically generate Gantt charts for project timelines.
  • Clearly capture the risk picture by easily producing S-curves of installed assets for a high number of simulation runs.
  • All output is provided based on your choice of non-exceedance probabilities.

Effortless access and integration

  • Connects to the Shoreline Integration Platform to manage project and site data – and make simulations even more powerful.
  • Ensure your project data is easily available and maintained through the asset’s life.
  • Avoid local information storage in spreadsheets and scattered internal databases.
  • Draw data from existing tools to increase accuracy of analysis and forecasting.

Weather modeling

  • Uses our own in-house developed Markov chain model to generate synthetic weather time series.
  • Based on historical or hindcast data.
  • Captures the uncertainly inherent in weather information and forecasting.

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