Simulate the complete construction phase of wind farm construction projects
— from installation to commissioning

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Simulate the entire process of installation, completion, commissioning and testing of wind farms, including estimating costs and potential early production revenue among others. Assess weather downtime, produce project schedules and predict where obstacles could arise.

Key Benefits

  • Advanced analysis for complex projects

    Get precise early production and weather downtime assessments to de-risk your project long before the first shovel is in the ground

  • Maximise the probability of being on target

    Increase the chance of meeting project deadlines by understanding bottlenecks and maximising resource utilisation

  • Simpler, faster analysis to solve complex problems

    Compare multiple scenarios and tenders quickly with simulations taking minutes not days and weeks

  • Connect information across the project

    With project and asset data stored all in one place, there’s no need to search through scattered spreadsheets or documents – the project team share the same data and results

  • Generate Primavera and MS Project project schedules

    Use intelligent simulations to generate P10-P90 project schedules and weather downtime assessments in minutes ready for export to Primavera and MS Project

  • Integrate all construction phases in one business case

    Include foundations, array and export cables, substations and production assets in the same business case to get full insight into interdependencies and knock on effects

Key Features

Estimate resource and equipment utilisation

  • Intelligent and detailed simulations of operations allow the estimation of resource and equipment utilisation
  • Optimise completion and commissioning logistics
  • Maximise usage of installation vessels and equipment

Estimate early production

  • Make a substantial contribution to your investment business case by forecasting early production
  • Enable measurement and quantification of early production by simulating installations all the way through the testing phase
  • Simulations in time domain allow production projections as the project is installed, commissioned and tested

Model pre-assembly, installation and commissioning

  • Assess pre-assembly, load-out, installation and commissioning in the same simulation using our intelligent and patented simulation engine
  • Full workflow modelling for each logistics unit including mobilisation, load-out, transit, access, and lifting
  • Numerous operational limitations, such as wave height, wind speed, visibility, and daylight, possible for each vessel, crane or helicopter

All the required output

  • Reports reflect your needs and the formats that best suit your business.
  • Automatically generate Gantt charts for project timelines exportable to Primavera and MS Project.
  • Captures the risk picture by efficiently producing S-curves of installed assets for a high number of simulation runs.
  • All output is provided based on your choice of none exceedance probabilities.

Weather downtime assessments

  • Use hindcast or measured weather time series with significant wave height, wave direction, wave period, wind speed, wind direction, current velocity, tide (LAT/MSL), visibility and daylight data
  • Generate P10-P90 weather downtime assessments in minutes for a business case or tender

Effortless access and integration

  • Use our Integration Platform to manage project and site data – and make simulations even more powerful
  • Ensure your project data is readily available and maintained across the project team
  • Avoid information stored on personal computers in spreadsheets and scattered internal databases
  • Draw data from existing tools to increase the accuracy of analysis and forecasting

"Shoreline´s simulation solutions have proven to be very valuable in the development of the project. We can model and simulate many different installation scenarios quickly, and with the accuracy and detail level required. The simulation tools are user-friendly and the daily support from the Shoreline team has been excellent. We intend to use the tools for further developing our project and subsequently moving into construction."

Lars Peder Christensen
Construction Lead, Triton Knoll

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