To enable the wind industry to scale its activities, to quickly and sustainably deploy renewable energy around the world

Shoreline is the brainchild of Norwegian engineer Ole Erik Vestøl Endrerud, who conceived the idea while conducting his PhD at UiS - The University of Stavanger.

Observing the way the industry works, Ole saw a need for a game-changing re-design of the key aspects of renewable energy asset management at every stage of the asset lifecycle. Doing so would enable the industry to effectively scale its activities, improving the ability to quickly and more sustainably deploy renewable energy around the world.

Ole quickly realised that the industry needed to make a leap from ‘good-enough’ silo-based processes to the industry equivalent of today’s ERP systems. But just consolidating information islands wouldn’t be enough. The solution needed to be specifically created for the way this industry works. And it should incorporate intelligent simulation technology, a magic ingredient that lifts deployment capability far beyond what a customized ERP system can do.

Shoreline was officially established in 2014 and, by 2017, the company was already well on its way to becoming an industry standard. Within a few years, in fact, most of the industry’s leading companies are likely to have expanded their use of Shoreline to make significant savings on development, operations and maintenance costs and increase production uptime.

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