Ole-Erik Endrerud
26 June 2015

Shoreline Signs Contract with Statoil for Studies of O&M Marine Logistics Strategies for Offshore Wind Project

The main scope of the study includes simulation and subsequent investigation of alternative strategies for marine logistics and manning during the operational phase using MAINTSYS™, the unique computer based simulation software developed in-house by Shoreline.

The study includes estimation of technical availability impact, both time and production based, as well as investigation of limitations and step functions in the different alternative set-ups. This is a function of variation in e.g. the number of turbines.

Several simulations considering various crew transfer vessel/service operation vessel/helicopter/living quarter configurations will be conducted. Sensitivities concerning the number of technicians, vessels, shift patterns, HSE rules etc. will be analyzed.

MAINTSYS™ is a verified and validated stand-alone operation and maintenance simulation software. It accounts for the complexity (stochasticity, variability, time dependency and interdependence) of operating and maintaining an offshore wind park, and provides an increases understanding of system behavior over time. In addition it can handle and test the impact of sudden dynamic changes on the system. MAINTSYS™ is excellent for “what if” analysis, and has a web based interface designed for user friendliness and ease of use. MAINTSYS™ Simulation is supported by a comprehensive input database with WTG, vessel, port, met ocean and other relevant data, and an advanced output database, which will allow the user to analyze, store and visualize results in 2D, 3D, graphs and tables. Reports are automatically generated and data can be exported to Excel, if desired.

Shoreline is very pleased to have been awarded this important contract by Statoil, as this underlines Shorelines ability to add significant contribution to the industry’s strive to bring down the cost of energy, and furthermore validates the strong interest Shoreline is experiencing from the industry for MAINTSYS™ Simulation.

For further information please contact Ole-Erik Vestøl Endrerud at Shoreline (endrerud@shoreline.no).
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