Ole-Erik Endrerud
12 August 2016

New in MAINTSYS and SIMSTALL: improvements to vessel processes, cable installation, roles for technicians and commenting

Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights the latest product improvements we have made, so it's easy for you to stay up to date on what's new. Check what's new in July below.

Updated input library

We have updated our input library database with a large number of vessels currently on the market and new ports. This means that you can find a template for most of the relevant vessels in the market for your simulation cases, and a comprehensive list of ports.

Store comments on vessels, ports, etc.

When you set up an project or experiment you use your experience and knowledge to chose suitable input and parameters. You can now store comments on vessels, ports, wind turbines and the other assets to keep notes from your discussions and important references for later.

private comment feature

Work process editor

With the new work process editor released this month you can model work processes as you wish, with environmental impact restrictions and required weather windows for each process step. We have released it for installation vessels in SIMSTALL, and it will soon be available to all vessels in both SIMSTALL and MAINTSYS.

Check out this video to see how it works

work process editor feature

Use current as weather criteria in SIMSTALL

Having the correct weather criteria is critical for a precise and rigorous simulation experiment. In addition to wave height and wind speed you can now set a current speed criteria for all process steps in SIMSTALL.

current speed in process step

The Technician menu changes name to Personnel

We decided to change the name of the Technician menu to Personnel. After we released the new technician module last month with rotation, home port, and salary settings we we enhanced the model so that you could add any relevant personnel you want to include in your estimation, such as lifting crews, administrative personnel and port workers.

Roles for technicians

Some work orders can be carried out by different technicians. For example a type of technician can do both service tasks and troubleshooting. You can include this in your experiments by defining roles needed to carry out a work order, and then assign which technicians belong to that role. If you tick of that you want to use roles, you have to define how many from each role you need for your tasks (e.g. a component repair or commissioning task).

Check out this video to see how it works

roles feature

What we're working on next

New WF asset: Export cable 

Balance of Plant was included in our tools earlier this year, and now we're extending with export cables as an asset to be maintained in MAINTSYS and installed in SIMSTALL.

New user interface

We're taking all the good elements from today's user interface, and build them into a new UI framework that will enable us to add whole new elements such as hoover-over hints and tips, new ways to display and interact with KPIs, better navigation, and much more.

A new KPI tool

We want to give you as a user much more control over which KPIs you measure, how they're defined, and importantly, how they're displayed.

Extra technician strategy

Under some circumstances when the emergency response limit kicks in leaving an extra technician in a wind turbine or substation, hence extending the ER limit, could increase the availability.

Two and three dimensional weather criteria

Weather limits can be a function of one or two variables. For example, wave height criteria for access for a CTV can be dependent on relative wave direction and wave period.

Substation installation

We already have installation vessels and the substation in our models, so its a good time to give you as a user the possibility to simulate installation of it as well.


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