The Shoreline Team
17 June 2016

Analysing the impact of technician availability on cost and availability and the latest release notes

Choosing the most efficient shift rotation or understanding the impact of your technicians' availability on production and cost is a challenge. We enhanced our technician module to help you with that.

With our new technician module you can
  • set each technician'sweekly and monthly availability
  • daily work schedule
  • home base
  • salary model
In addition to the enhanced technician model, we have introduced a weather randomiser that can create synthetic weather time series based on measurement or hindcast data you import if you need to include weather uncertainties in your simulations.

With these new features you can develop more realistic scenarios and get more detailed estimations of operational expenditure, and a better risk picture for your project.

What's new in the latest update:

Version 1.1.3

A set of worksheets have been added to the downloadable Excel workbook, namely:
  • Time and energy based availability for each turbine aggregated by month and total simulation period
  • Individual turbine time based availability aggregated by simulated year with indication of sample standard deviation between experiment runs
  • Total individual time based availability for each turbine aggregated by simulation run
Version 1.1.3

  • Users can set order, dependency, criteria and time for processes
  • Add a testing phase to the wind turbines and measure the energy production for the whole wind park from testing starts until the last wind turbine is finished. 
  • Excel output: 3 new output tabs added for SIMSTALL: Installation timeline (S-curve), Installation processes (Gantt chart), Economics output
  • Gannt diagram performance and layout has been optimized.
  • Fixed error that occurred when installation capacity of HLV is set to 1.
  • Removed useless vessels.
  • Fixed message that user is already logged in.

Version 1.0.3

  • User can select to randomize weather data (wind speed and significant wave height time series). This gives a unique weather series for each simulation run. A Markov Chain process is implemented to ensure statistical validity of the synthetic weather with respect to the imported historical weather series.
  • Added functionality for detailed specification of technician availability:
    • Seasonal availability allowing the user to choose dates of the year between a technician is available.
    • Shift rotation specified either as availability based on the day of the week or days on/days off rotation.
    • Vessel allowance limiting certain technicians to operate from chosen vessel types (e.g. a group of technicians that can operate only from helicopter or SOV).
    • Each individual technician can now be assigned to a particular port.
  • Multiple technicians can be edited simultaneously by marking the checkbox in front of each technician row. Edits will then be synchronized. 
  • You can specify start date of the availability of vessels.
  • ChangesWind farm assets and vessels added to an experiment will not be locked to that experiment and can be reused in other experiments.
  • Removed "red fields" from input parameter. All fields are now used for simulation.
  • More intelligent handling of input power curves.
  • User is not required to choose desired output, all parameters are recorded and displayed in the output window.
  • Improved error notification system
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