With in-house specialists and our simulation tools we carry out studies and decision analyses throughout the entire project life cycle of offshore wind farms


Shoreline offer consultancy services in all phases of the life cycle of an offshore wind farm from early concept assessment throughout the operation phase onto decommissioning using in-house offshore wind specialists, and own developed simulation tools.

Our consultancy services are tailored towards developers, energy companies, OEM´s, marine contractors, lenders, insurance companies, vessel owners and service providers in general.

Reference case examples:
  • Various studies of installation and O&M campaigns and strategies
  • Study of new installation vessel and installation methodology versus conventional installation approach, using SIMSTALL 
  • Study of new CTV design versus conventional CTV designs, using MAINTSYS 
  • Study of new vessel design for O&M support, using MAINTSYS 
  • Study of using Offshore Construction Vessels designed for the oil and gas industry in offshore wind, using MAINTSYS

Services offered comprise amongst others:

Concept and FEED studies

Auction bid preparation assistance​​
  • Cost assesment
  • Contracting strategy
  • Early production impact assesment
  • Schedule generation
Due diligence

Transportation and Installation strategy development
  • Near shore transport
  • Load-out/Marshalling port assessment and bottleneck analysis
  • Installation, completion and commissioning

Operation & Maintenance strategy development
  • Marine logistics
  • Resource sharing and optimisation
  • OPEX assessment and risk studies
  • Port assessment

Decommissioning strategy development

Assessment of new technologies impact on reducing cost of energy
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